trsa road
One of Montenegro's most unique mountain vistas unfolds along the Trsa panoramic road, offering a scene reminiscent of the Lake District National Park. Accessible after traversing the enchanting Black Pine forest and journeying through the awe-inspiring Tara Canyon on the other side of the national park, reaching the beginning of this road near Zabljak Ski Resort takes about an hour.

The Trsa panoramic road is a narrow route with smooth asphalt, akin to the roads found in Lake District National Park. Despite offers for jeep tours on the "Durmitor ring," visitors need not be swayed, as this adventure can be enjoyed in the comfort of their own vehicle or a rental car. The entire route boasts well-maintained asphalt surfaces, ensuring a smooth and delightful journey.

For tourists from Western Europe seeking an extraordinary experience, the southern portion of the highly publicized "Durmitor ring" comes highly recommended, as its northern section may not offer the same level of uniqueness. Travelers are encouraged to explore the entirety of the Trsa road to Piva Lake and follow its scenic path to the Piva Dam, where breathtaking views of the lake await.

Embarking on this journey promises a memorable one-day adventure for car tourists, brimming with captivating landscapes and awe-inspiring vistas at every turn.
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