An easy hike to "Tmayevac" - the distance of Tara-kanyon is a red option for a walk with young children:
Go on a delightful hike from the heart of the charming village of Bistritsa to the magical crossing of the river Bistritsa and Tara, locally known as "Tmaevac." This scenic route offers the perfect combination of natural beauty and historical significance, making it a great adventure for families with young children.
Start your journey from an iconic old school decorating the village, towering on a hill on a beautiful meadow decorated with pine trees and a monument from the Second World War. You can visit the school yards on top of the hill, as its potter is not locked. If you bypass the glittering new roof of the school building and look out the window, you will see the real time capsule, namely the schedule of lessons and children's drawings on the walls, wooden desks and broken old bills. All this remained here from the time when the children still lived in the village. From the school yard you will have views of the village of Bistriz, the valley of Levak, the canyon of Ravnyak, on the rocky wall of the mountain ridge Forgive on the other side of Tara and Tmaevac.
The route, suitable for all ages, follows the dirt road through meadows and groves on the shore of the mountain stream Ravnyak. Walking along his buruns. After about 800 meters you will reach a small gazebo, signaling the beginning of the forest trail on the right. This picturesque path of about 200 meters will lead you to another gazebo located right on the high shore on the corner of the river connection.
This idyllic place is not only perfect for a family picnic, but also offers the best view of the estuary of the Tara Canyon when the Tara River Valley turns into a stunning beauty canyon. In addition, this intersection is a great place for refreshing bathing in the Tara River, where the water is noticeably warmer just before the place where the cold waters from the springs in Tara Springs park pour into the river. Immerse yourself in the tranquil nature, enjoy the mesmerizing landscapes and create unforgettable memories in the exciting Tmaevac.
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