A hike to the "stone river" and "Field of Fire"
The trail begins on the other side of the bridge over the "Dry Ravnyak," that 200 m left on the main road from the hotel. After about 1 hour of hike through a mixed forest along the stream, beech, and then writhing up the steep slope of the spring-serpentine in the pine forest in front of the traveler is a "stone river" - a huge plume of large bollars - a sprinkle with a width of 200m and a long kilometer. Going to this "stone river" travelers get to a beautiful path through a wonderful mixed forest, which in 40 minutes will lead to the meadow "Fire Field" with the scattered wooden roofs of the mined houses of the shepherds framed by the slopes of Mount Stolats on the left side and a picturesque rock with the left, which is climbed up on which the mountain will open the mountain of the other side of the Tlants.The heights.
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