Rock Climbing
There are free rock-climbing area with 35 climbing routes of various difficulty levels nearby. 
The Mojkovac City Tourist Organization has established 35 climbing trails of varying difficulty levels on a rock face near the main road leading into the national park, situated on the left side of the canyon just after Dobrilovina Village.
While driving from the hotel upon passing through the captivating Crna Poda forest and Dobrilovina Village, travelers will encounter a small brown sign indicating "Dzhurova Pechina" (Dzhurova Cave), which once served as the location of the first school in Dobrilovina, known as the Dobrilovina Cave School. Adjacent to this sign, on the left side of the road, is a small meadow designated for parking. Information posters detailing the history of the cave school and the Free Climbing area can also be found here.
To access the climbing area, visitors should head to the right side of the meadow, where a trail leads into the forest. After approximately 100 meters along this trail, a signpost labeled "Free Climbing Area" will be visible, pointing towards the climbing trails equipped with fixed hooks embedded into the rock face.
Some climbing ropes are available for borrowing to use on your own risk.

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