Living and Dead forests of Forgiveness heights (Prosenje)

Here is the most beautiful view down on Tara Canyon from the most unusual surroundings. There are “Live forest” of Black Pine trees on the right side and “Dead forest” of white tree stumps on the left side. It is a very beautiful place that gives you strange feeling and, when people come there, usually they do not want to leave for hours. I myself was always leaving that place after dark, even taking into account the road – it is not wise. However, the only way up for tourists is to go there is to take a jeep tour from one of local guides. The road is actually not so uneven, as loggers' roads on the other side of the canyon, but it is narrow and guaranties that you will get scratches on your car. There are quite a few treacherous very sharp turns. So it is “a no no”, unless you are experienced driver and brought here your own “beat-up” jeep.
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