Located in the central part of Montenegro the river Komarnica lies between the mountains of Durmitor and Vojnik. The region of interest carries the name ‘Nevidio’ meaning ‘Never seen’. Explored first in 1965, it was the last explored canyon in Europe, and to this day the canyon lives up to its’ name as one of the sparsely visited locations. Unpaved, bewildered, unseen, Nevidio is the epitome of elements for all nature and sports enthusiasts. In the deep and curvy canyon spanning over 3km you will swiftly swim with the stream frequently slowed by rocky bridges. You will jump from numerous waterfalls and emerge from whirls. You will climb trough narrow passages, and dive into unknown territory. You will be strictly guided by our instructors to ensure your safety and to maximize the benefits of the experience. As we write this segment, we come to understand how difficult it is to describe in words the magnificence of this natural phenomenon. Surely, it will be an adventure of a lifetime.

135€ pp,
15€ for a cd

-Duration 6-8 hours
-Departure from Ravnjak: 07.00
-Transport to and from location
-Certified professional guides will lead you
-Safety tutorial
-Gear included in the price
-Lunch package
-Minimum of 5 people is required
-Minimum age 12 (individuals under 16 must be under parental supervision)
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