Mushroom hunting
In the enchanting surroundings of Ravnjak Hotel, nestled near Bistrica Village, Dobrilovina Village, and the pristine Zabojsko Lake, lies a magical realm where mushrooms awaken after a gentle summer rain. It's a time when nature's bounty beckons, drawing people from the coastal plains of Montenegro to the north, in search of hidden treasures among the forest floors.

But amidst the vast expanse of wilderness, it's the whispers of the locals that hold the key to the most coveted spots for mushroom gathering. With their intimate knowledge of the land, they guide seekers to the untouched sanctuaries of Zaboj Forest, the idyllic slopes of Zaglavak, and the majestic peaks of Krstac and Gradina mountains. There, amidst the ancient trees and fragrant earth, awaits a harvest of dreams, where every discovery is a love letter from nature itself.
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