Mount Krstac (cross)

For an hour on the roads of loggers in the mountains, a specially modified jeep of the hotel Ravnjak can take you to Mount Krstak. From the top of Krstsak you will see the Tara Canyon in the west, the Tara Valley in the east (to the Mojkovac) and the canyon of the Bistritsa River, where the Ravnjak hotel is located almost under the rock on which you stand. Krstaz is one of the highest points on the walls of Tara Canyon - the second-highest canyon in the world. Here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the kilometer cliff in the second deepest canyon of the world. You can also get to this place by going on a hike from the hotel through the Ravnjak meadow, on the ancient road of shepherds to the largest pasture in Europe (Sinyaevina), then turning right after a steep serpentine and walking along the rocks directly above the hotel Ravnjak. This hike will take at least 4 hours one way, so if you are not ready to spend in the mountains all day, we recommend that you go on a jeep tour with one of the local guides, the route of one of these tours that you can organize through the Ravnjak Hotel, below.

Jeep tour on Boricje, Mount Krstac (6 hours):
1. A trip by car to Dobrilovina: on the way, a short walk through the forest of Cherna Poda (Black Pine) to the viewpoint at the entrance to the gorge of the Devil's Paths (Davolje lazi) - the narrowest part of the canyon of Tara;
2. 2. Climbing on a four-wheel drive through the afforevers to the ancient hunting land of Zabo (Slaughter) forest - an area of high-altitude plains covered with coniferous forests.
3. A trip to the forestryer further to the east to Borica.
4. A walk along the cliffs with the enjoyment of views to a depth of 1 km in Sokolovina (Coskol's country) in the valley of Tara, a picnic.
5. A brief trip to Mount Krsats (Cross).
6. A walk along the cliffs with stunning views of the Tara Valley towards the city of Moykovac, the river Bistritsa, the Ravnyak Hotel and the Springs Wildlife Park Tara.
7. Return with stops at the most beautiful and inviolable glacial lake of Durmitor Park - Zabosko Lake.
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