Generals Tree
Nestled in the embrace of Durmitor National Park lies a sacred sentinel of history and nature's resilience: the General's Tree, standing proudly at the sharpest bend of road P4. This ancient Crna Poda, or Black Pine, holds within its gnarled bark a tale of steadfast defiance against the passage of time and the demands of progress.

As the main artery from Podgorica to Belgrade, P4 bore witness to the post-war reconstruction efforts led by the Yugoslavian army. Amidst the clamor of construction, one valiant general stood as a guardian of this arboreal monarch, vehemently opposing any compromise that would threaten its ancient roots. This general's unwavering resolve against the plan to fell the tree earned him the enduring respect and admiration of the locals, who bestowed upon the pine the moniker "General's Tree" in honor of his courageous stand.

His impassioned plea for preservation, echoed by the silent whispers of the forest, found resonance in the heart of President J.B. Tito, who revered the noble endurance of the Crna Poda.

Under Tito's visionary stewardship, the protection of these ancient sentinels became paramount, leading to the creation of Durmitor National Park. This sanctuary, stretching from the banks of the Ravnjak River to the depths of Tara Canyon, stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the General's Tree and its brethren, safeguarding their noble lineage for generations to come.
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