Enduro tours and rental

Montenegro Enduro Center, located at the Ravnjak hotel, offers enduro motorbike rentals for rides in various beautiful environments surrounding the hotel. These environments include the Tara valley, Black Pine forest, Zaboj forests, and Ruzica alpine meadows of the Sinjajevina plateau. Additionally, guided tours on enduro bikes are available on mountain trails throughout Montenegro, including Budva, Bar and Boka (bays) areas.

The Center provides transportation for riders and motorcycles, professional guides and instructors, bikes, and protective gear. Depending on the customer's level of motorcycle driving and experience in enduro, Ravnjak hotel's location allows for the selection of trails of varying difficulty. These trails range from simple to difficult, providing customers with an opportunity to test their skills on rocky and forested mountain slopes, crossing streams, etc.

All motorcycles available at the center are the latest Beta 2023 models. For beginners and those who are not tall, the Xtrener 300 model is provided. For more advanced and experienced enduro riders, the RR300 model is recommended. To ensure a comfortable and safe ride, protective uniforms from the world's best brands will be provided.
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