Canyoning in Tara Canyon ‘Devil’s Trails’
Thanks to the calm waters in the summer months, rafting has become the most well-known element of mass tourism in the Tara Canyon. Available for rafting on rafts in the summer, the route showcases a section where the canyon walls are covered with forest from top to bottom. However, the variety of the canyon's beauty is not limited to this. The excursion along the Devil's Trails opens up a perspective that remains inaccessible to most visitors, as it goes through the rocky part of the canyon right from the beginning of its mouth.
In contrast to the Nevideo Canyon, this much less complex route gives you the choice to float in the current or walk along the shore in many sections where the flow is calmer. Nevertheless, for adrenaline enthusiasts, this route also provides opportunities for jumps into the water from cliffs and rocks in the safest places, according to the experience of local guides. However, unlike the Nevideo Canyon, jumps into the water are not necessary to complete the route. Ironically, in the Devil's Trails, despite such a name, low water levels in the summer make this route accessible to almost anyone without significant health problems.

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