Divljak- Savage Mountain
One of the most diverse and beautiful hiking trails in Montenegro is the old paste "Spindirush" from the Ravnyak to Mount Divljak on the plateau of Signaevina. The route passes through the meadow of the Runja, on the serpentine up to the pass between Mount Zaklavak, which provides travellers with views of the Ravnyak Valley, and Spindierush Valley. This roughly 2-hour hike offers a variety of landscapes, including forests, meadows, stone scatters and rocks, providing a change of downtime every 15 minutes walk.
Although overcoming serpentine in the first half of the road requires some effort, travellers reward a breathtaking view of the picturesque Spindier Valley and the impressive rocky wall of the Divlyak Mountain towering over the far end of the valley. This area is rich in clean mountain springs, which eliminates the need to carry drinking water.
At the end of the Spindirush valley, under the rock wall of Mount Divlyak, travelers have the opportunity to go directly to the summer shepherding settlement of Planinica and further through the mountain meadows of the Signaevina (Blue Mountains) to Zablak. They can also climb Mount Divlyak for amazing views not only to the Spindirush Valley towards the canyon of Tara, but also towards the Durmitor massif with a well-visible mountain of the Selo, and even views of Serbia up to its Vojvodina. Another option is to turn left, cross the plateau to the Plagoyne Field, go back to the Ravniak on another diverse and picturesque route, or climb to the right of the rocky wall of Mount Divlyak, passing the pass towards the Mirror Lake of the Durmitor National Park. The route is well marked, but hotel visitors to the Planik are advised to get a GPS file for navigation on mobile phones and it is strongly recommended to take trekking sticks available at the hotel's reception.
jeep safari and hike tours: to Slaughter and forest Lake, to Savage Mnt. and to Spindirus Valley are also possible on request.

Jeep Safari and hike to the Mirror Lake and the Slaughter Forest (4 hours):
1. A trip to Dobrilovina by car: an observation deck at the entrance to the gorge of the Devil's Troops (Javole Lazi) on the Tara River, a short walk in the heart of the Durmitor National Park - the forests of Tsrn-Poda (the only one in the Black pine forest in the world), several photo breaks for the picturesque landscapes on the Javol-Lazi - the narrowest part of the monastery;
2. 2. The emphasis on the all-wheel drive road up the logging road to the ancient hunting grounds "Slaughtering Forest" (Zaba) is an area of high-altitude plains covered with coniferous forests.
3. Visit and walk along the most beautiful and untouched glacial lake of Durmitor Park - Zabolyskoye Lake. At the lake pause for a picnic.
4. A trip from the Slaughter Forest to the high-mountain meadows of the Dinara Alps around the Wild Mountain (Divlyak).
5. Two options for hiking
a) an easy hike to the top of the Wild Mountain (Divlyak).
b) a walk from the rocks of the mountain Divlyak through the Kraevskaya (Kraevskaya) valley along the picturesque ancient road "Spindirush."
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