Dinaric Alps mountain meadows of Sinjajevina (Blue) mountains

The Dinarial Alps, also known as the Dinarids, are a mountain range in South and Southeast Europe that separates the continental Balkan Peninsula and the Adriatic Sea. It extends from Italy in the northwest through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo to Albania in the southeast.
From the Plain you can explore the mountain of Sinyaevin (or the plateau of Sinyaevin). The Xinyaevin system has a length of 40 km and a width of 15 km and is distinguished by its karst fields, beautiful herbal slopes and, in some places, forests of a rare mountainous pine species of Mulek. Sinyaevina is the second largest pasture in Europe. The mountain meadows of Sinyaevins are the least susceptible to pollution in Europe, and in the summer there are many people engaged in traditional agriculture.
Some secluded corners of this plateau, far from the won tourist routes near Zhabljak and Kolashin, are literally "paradise places on the ground," with flocks of sheep and picturesque shepherds scattered along the green slopes, surrounded by the forests of the red-book mountain pine - Muleki and mountain peaks behind them.
From the hotel you can go for a few hours of hiking on the "wire road" through the forests of Bistri Voda (which were virgin forests until this road was built) and visit the meadows of Sinyaevina in the area of the historical church of Ruzhytsy (ros).
If you decide to take a jeep tour from local guides all day, you will see a valley of karst dips, a blueberry valley, and you will be shown some of the most beautiful places on this mountain plateau before coming to the church of Ruzhiz and go down to the hotel on the "backed road." On the way, you will meet the inhabitants of the mountain meadows of Sinyaevina, engaged in traditional agriculture, learn about their way of life in the mountains, be surprised by their hospitality. You'll be able to try their agricultural products, eat and buy the most environmentally friendly food you've ever had to deal with.

The route below is one of the options for an all-day jeep tour with a small hike.

Jeep tour with a small hike "Mobious meadows of the Dinari Major Alps"
  1. A trip from the hotel on the "wild road" to the forests of Bistri Water, rich in mountain springs and wildlife.
  2. Clim for a high mountain plateau with stops with views of the canyon of the Tara River.
  3. A way to the top of the Sinyaevina mountains to enjoy a beautiful view of the canyon of the tributary of the Tara River in one direction and a diverse landscape in another.
  4. Then a visit to the church of Ruzhiz, built in 1881. There'll be a picnic here.
  5. Visit to the meadows of traditional collection of wild berries, the valley of karst holes and the observation deck on Tara in the area of the historical city of Moykovac.
  6. Dessing through the valleys, meadows and forests in the village of Field.
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