Crna Poda is a forest of endemic black pine

Crna Poda is an endemic ancient forest of Black Pine that adorns the
slopes of the Tara Canyon and the Ravnyak Canyon, surrounding the
Ravnyak Hotel. Built in 1948 as a hunting lodge for Yugoslavia's
President Josip Broz Tito, the Ravnyak Hotel holds historical
significance in safeguarding Crna Poda. Tito, enamored by the resilient
black pine trees, considered Crna Poda his beloved forest, marveling at
its longevity. These ancient black pine trees, with root systems living
up to 1200 years, grow from multiple trunks over the course of their

Crna Poda's ecological significance in Montenegro is immense; it serves
as the genesis for the creation of the Durmitor National Park, serving
as the official reason for its establishment. Despite the
commercialization of the park, particularly around major ski resorts,
Crna Poda remains a vital ecological attraction for nature tourism in

The territory of the national park begins right from the Ravnyak Hotel,
where guests can explore picturesque hiking trails created by the hotel
in response to tourists' requests. Four easy-to-follow trails marked by
the hotel traverse diverse wonders of Crna Poda, offering panoramic
views of the canyon, the captivating pine slopes of Sinjajevina, the
iconic "General's Tree," a stunning natural arch, and the mesmerizing
views on "Devil's Trails", the most beatiful part of Tara Canyon - the
rocky part of the Tara Gorge located directly beneath Crna Poda,
multiplying the scenic beauty of the area.

The protected forest of Crna Poda, with its unique black pine trees and
rich biodiversity, stands as a symbol of natural heritage, offering
visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in the tranquility of
nature and create unforgettable memories in the breathtaking landscapes
of Durmitor.
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