Meanders of Chehotina River
Discover the mesmerizing beauty of the Ćehotina River as it gracefully carves its way through a stunning gorge, nestled amidst forests and meadows.

A beautiful view and preserved nature welcome visitors to the Gačevića valley and the viewpoint from which there is a view of the meanders of Ćehotina, carved into the rocks of the surrounding hills. The impressive sight leaves no one indifferent and remains in the memory of all who visit the place, which was hidden from the public eye for a long time.

Only the inhabitants of the surrounding villages and fishermen knew about it, who kept the beauty to themselves for a long time.

Embark on a picturesque journey about 1 hour from the hotel. After exiting the national park on its other side by crossing the Great Bridge towards Pljevlja, follow the main road towards Pljevlja for 25km. There is an information board on the right side of the road, from which you can continue by car for another kilometer on the macadam road. After that, another fifty meters on foot.

A pavilion with a table and benches, as well as a protective fence for a safer stay for visitors, has been installed at the viewpoint itself. From the lookout point, there is a wonderful view of the meanders (bended course of the river), which Ćehotina carved through the rocky areas over thousands of years.
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