A way to the blue bridge in Dobrilovina
Immerse yourself in a fascinating journey from the historic Dobrilovin Monastery, the luminaries of heritage rooted in the XII century. This picturesque hike unfolds in one of the most picturesque mountain villages of Montenegro - Dobrilovina, a strong fortress of Christianity, which resisted the rule of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans throughout its 500-year reign.
The route leading from the monastery to the iconic Blue Bridge extends only 600 meters along a rocky path that smoothly descends through the forest. This magical way offers a delightful walk for families and adventurers. Enjoy the green surroundings, and the soothing sounds of nature, creating the perfect backdrop for hiking suitable for children from five.
Walk through the forest landscape, gradually descending to the river Tara, enjoying the views of the untouched beauty, for which Dobrilovina is famous. The itinerary leads to the Blue Bridge, a charming small hanging metal bridge painted in an attractive blue color that crosses the Tara River. This idyllic place is not only perfect for a quiet picnic in the arms of nature, but also invites you to plunge into the refreshing waters of the Tara River in the warm summer months.
Dobrilovina, just a 5-minute drive from the hotel Ravnyak on the other side of the forest of Cherna Poda, opens the gate to this delightful walk. Explore the countryside history, enjoy the pacification of the forest and immerse yourself in the natural beauty on the way to the Blue Bridge. It is an adventure that harmoniously combines the history, culture and exciting landscapes of Montenegro.
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