Black Lake (Crno Jezero)

The Black Lake (Crno Jezero) is the largest of the "mountain's eyes" of Dummitor. This lake is located on the other side of Durmitor National Park and is popular with tourists. From the hotel Ravnyak you need to go along the park to the Great Bridge, then turn left of it in the direction of the ski resort of Zhabljac. Following the "Crno Jezero" signs, you will get to the parking lot. Finding a parking space, you will need to pay a fee for the entrance to the kiosk, and then you will be able to walk 700 m on an asphalted walkway to the lake. In many kiosks along the journey, you can buy souvenirs and other popular tourist goods, such as dried mushrooms, honey, berry juices and berry wines, presumably made by the locals. When you get to the lake, you'll find a restaurant. In the summer, you will not need special camping shoes for this walk. The lake has the form of an eight. Most of the summer, the water level is low, and the lake is split into two. It will take you an hour to walk around the bigger one. If you want to swim in the lake, keep in mind that although it is the deepest of the lakes in Durmitor National Park, it's shallow on the shore, and you'll have to walk some distance to make it deep enough.
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