Biogradska Gora National Park

Just a 40-minute drive from the hotel Ravnyak, the Biogradska-Gora National Park is a testament to the untouched beauty of nature. In the heart of this pristine park is the famous Lake Biogradsko, a symbol of natural splendor. Easily accessible for mass tourism, this lake, formed by glacial cover, offers a convenient experience of visiting, with parking located right on its picturesque shores. In the surrounding area there are a visitor center, a museum, a restaurant and boat rental, providing a variety of amenities for park lovers.
Popular among families, a quiet walk around the lake is a delightful activity, especially during periods of elevated water levels. However, for those looking for a more secluded acquaintance with nature, the eastern part of the park offers a complex but incredibly beautiful landscape where rare visitors and berries gatherers can be the only figures up to the horizon. Note that other lakes, such as Lakes Shishko, Mali, Ursulovachko, Peszytsa and Shevarina, are pearls of this eastern part, superior in beauty and secluded.
The Biogradska Gora National Park, part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Network, is proud of one of the last three great virgin forests in Europe. As a center of biodiversity, the park will shelter a diverse flora and fauna, making it a paradise for nature lovers. It is also of historical significance, as it served as a hunting ground for Serbian kings for centuries, and it was decided by the Communists to turn it into a national park for its further protection.
Quiting one of the three remaining rain-type forests in Europe, Biogradska Mountain provides breathtaking views of nature and adventure options. The biogradscoy lake, with its reflecting water, repeating the surrounding forests, mountains and the sky, stands out as a key attraction of the park. As you go on trails for hiking, the number of neighbors-reseurs decreases rapidly, offering a more intimate acquaintance with the indomitable beauty of Biogradska Mountain. Capture these inspiring landscapes on clear days, providing an unforgettable experience in this haven for ecological wealth.
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