If do not want to walk to Zabojsko lake for 2.5 hours from Ravnkjak hotel, but prefer a ride with wind in your hair, you can embark on a journey through the ethereal landscapes of Sinjajevina mountain in the heart of Durmitor National Park with our captivating ATV/Quad tour to Zabojsko Lake.

As the tour begins at Dobrilovina, you'll be greeted by the majestic sight of Sinjajevina mountain, crowned by the enchanting Zabojsko Lake. Its turquoise waters glisten like a serene jewel, inviting you to delve into its tranquil depths. The 10-kilometer journey to the lake is a scenic adventure, with each step bringing you closer to the serenity that awaits.

Upon arrival at Zabojsko Lake, immerse yourself in 30 minutes of pure bliss as you capture memories and wander amidst the serene surroundings. Let the tranquility seep into your soul as you soak in the breathtaking beauty of the landscape. Just 6 kilometers away lies another enchanting viewpoint, offering a panoramic vista of the lake's mesmerizing hues and the lush emerald forests that adorn the mountainside.

Unlike our other quad tours, this unique experience combines the thrill of both jeep and quad rides, providing a seamless blend of adventure and exploration. Begin your journey with a scenic jeep ride, traversing the rugged terrain for approximately 30 minutes or 25 kilometers. Then, embark on an exhilarating quad adventure that spans 3-5 hours, traversing rugged trails and soaking in the unparalleled beauty of the surroundings.

As the quad tour concludes, you'll be whisked away on a journey back to the starting point, leaving behind memories that will linger in your heart long after the adventure ends. Experience the magic of Zabojsko Lake like never before and let the beauty of nature ignite your soul.
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